Naked On My Bed

Picture galleries coming soon!


I’m back!

I’m back from my holiday vacation and excited to be redoing things a little bit here.  I’ll be moving my pics over from Niteflirt in the next week, organizing them and maximizing their potential and hopefully offering more discounts and specials!

I will be raising my Niteflirt rates very soon so enjoy them while they are still at the unbelievable low price of .99 … I’ve kept them cheap to be able to keep my phone ringing and it seems most guys who look for phone sex really cheap, well .. basically they are really cheap and I want to gear myself towards a more exclusive clientelle.  No offense to anyone but doing 2 and 3 minute calls just isnt filling my bank accounts and that is what I am here to do.

I am also under some training for domination and hope to offer more intense sessions soon… it’s so much fun.

Now, a vital part of my blog is going to be communication between you and me.   I want t to hear your comments, ideas, suggestions, anything that is on your mind, let’s talk!  I’m anxious to know you guys are reading my blog otherwise whats the use if you aren’t reading it .. so let me know!

I will be sending out those free minutes I promised at Christmas soon .. thought I’d sort thru my customer lists and try to take time to reward those who have been loyal callers.  Email me if you don’t get yours soon and I’ll see to it you get them.

Happy Thanksgiving ..

just want to wish everyone a happy thanksgiving.. hope yours was as good as mine.  I have some delicious new stories to tell you about, it’s been a wild couple of weeks with guys showing up I haven’t fucked in years, mmm, and have we been fucking.  I’ll post more later today .. kisses.

bitchboy loser

i have just recently found the most absolutely incredible Princess.  Mistress Skyler is the fulfillment of what every woman dreams to be.  She is captivating both through her looks and her mind.  Each of Her photos tells a story about Her complex and superior nature.  In some of them, She appears calculating with the look of a predator hunting Her prey.  In others, She appears sweet and playful… however, in all of them She is clearly a Goddess.  She is supreme and deserves to be treated as the complete ruler of the life of every man and woman that comes into contact with Her.

i am an undeserving little peon that can only hope to bring some joy to the life of my Glorious Mistress.  i fully understand that i, as a loser bitch, can never have a woman even close to beauty and intelligence of my Mistress.  It is my hope that She will accept ownership of my pathetic being and use me in whatever way she sees fit.  Mistress is teaching me that i am completely useless accept as a tool for her to use.  my greatest goal in life is to become Her sissy-bitch chastity houseboy.  Just today, she has started me on a chastity program, and i am so excited about being constantly turned on for Her.

Mistress, You are truly a Goddess and i am on my knees before You.

-bitchboy tyler

Saturday night sex

Whoa did I have a nice surprise Saturday night.  There was a knock on my door and as expected it was my ex boyfriend.  We’re still friends, I’m not a person to get mad or vengeful and we were together off and on since I was 14 so he is still my friend as I am his.  Well, not long after he arrived and we had a few glasses of wine he asked me if I was up for some fun.  After a little “private” convo on the “new girlfriend” in his life, he informed me they were no longer together.  Satisfied with that I showered, changed and got ready for one of our incredible fuck sessions.  I was excited.  It’s been awhile since we had played together.

He takes me to some guys condo… and upon entering the building he told me tonight would be a night I would not forget!  He was absolutely right!  Inside, it looked like any normal party with a lot of attractive people.  However, once I made my way to the back of the condo I discovered that most of the people were out back at the private pool and of course, most were naked.  There were piles of people in the pool, beside the pool, inside the condo, and even a 3some going on in the master bath.  We decided to head back out to the pool and join in on the fun.  Our clothes came off and the fun began.

Before the night was out we both had our fill of fucking and sucking.  It was incredible.  One beautiful naked body after the other spreading their legs or slapping me in the face with a nice fat cock.  mmmmm… the guys and girls were all hot!  The guys were more than ready to fuck me or let their girlfriends get a piece of this hot ass!  What a smashing night it was … it only ended too soon!  Scrumdelicious cocks and pussy all night long!

Last night was fan-fucking-tastic

Last night I was sitting around the house and a few friends dropped by unexpectedly.  As the night went on it turned into quite the little party with about 20 people in all showing up.  I don’t normally have that many people over at once, but what the hell I felt like partying.  The night turned out to be fan-fucking-tastic because before the night was out I had two hot hard muscular bods teasing me and begging to fuck me.  Guess what?  I let them both as long as they fucked me together.  We really had the bedroom rocking because 4 other piles of people were heeped up fucking and sucking at 4 when we finally couldn’t fuck anymore.  Mmmmm, what a night!  Hmm, what were there names??? hehehe….

Another night of sexual ecstasy

Wednesday night was a night of many surprises.  First my friend Sherrie and I went out to a bar in Greensboro, partyed our asses off for hours and had the whole bar (men and women) eating out of our hands and we didn’t buy a drink all night.  Then the first surprise.  My ex boyfriend shows up with his new arm candy.  Well she is nothing to write home to Mommy about LOL, and either she’s pregnant or she’s eating too many twinkies.  They didn’t interrupt my fun but theirs was evidently ended as Miss Pouty Lips couldn’t handle that him and I are still friends.  She won’t last long LOL!

The next surprise was a group of hot young guys that came in.  Turns out they were firemen and it was a “guys night out”… HOT!  All were single except one and he committed to going home to the wife instead of playing with us.

We all took off to Ryans place (one of the firemen) and two girls and 5 guys and we immediately got rid of our clothes and went swimming.  Before long, blow jobs were being given and pussies were being eaten… all night long.  We stayed til around 3am and were barely able to walk to my car alone.  Man, those firemen can fuck!